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I like to paint and mix my colors creating a new painting whenever I get inspired. So is the fashion- world. a colorful-field of flowers. New fashion designers are coming out with new ideas, inspired by new materials that fit everyone every day. We are overwhelmed with new trends and styles in stores and online not knowing where to start, its an exciting time.

We want to wear cloth that not only looks fabulous on us but a cloth that we can combine with what we already have including the bags and footwear, we want to be like Free People. Most of all, we want to have the cloth that we can wear a while without getting bored. So how and where can we shop for garments that look cool, great, fabulous and fit for our budget? The first step is to know our style and the colors we can wear, how to combine cloth and where to shop.

Step one: Knowing what fits your skin tone Skin care regimen for every day is not only beneficial for choosing makeup, but also for selecting, the best colors in choosing the cloth that accentuate your best features. Emphasizing on on skin tone, eye color-shape would help you save time and money when shopping online.

Below a color chart that can help you make the best chooses of color. The neutral color tone can basically wear a range of different colors from both warm and cool tones.

Tip: After you make the check, you may visit a department-store and try some plan T-Shirts in different colors to see how you look in the color.

We learned that color makes the difference so does the Desigual combination of colors. We don’t need a whole lot of cloth, just a good collection to create outfits for every occasion, that’s why to know which colors look best on you is so important. We have the habit of sticking to one type of color for years too afraid to change for many different reasons. Today is the day to change that. Nature embraces colors so let us too. 


Keeping a mix of different brands gives you a good selection of outfits. You can combine a famous brand with a less famous one, that’s fine these days, it’s all about how you combine.


Many of us have a hard time finding the right jeans that actually fit. It is nerve-racking, going shopping for jeans, we always end up buying just ok jeans for a lot of money. We don’t mind paying the little extra if the jeans fit. However! we want our jeans not only fit, but have a soft material, the right color and look nice. It just has to be the right jeans for you and me.

Hats fascinators

Are you a hat fascinator ? It you have always wanted to wear a hat, but you felt too shy or wired, don’t worry, because this is the time to wear it. Be careful! If you just buy a hat because it looks nice at the time, you might be up for a disappointed and the hat ends up in the corner. When considering to buy a hat take your time and try the following steps.

  • Go to a hat specialist store (you do not need to buy a hat, these stores are professional and will give you the best advice) just try some hats and find out the right kind of hat and the right size.
  • Be in the mood for a hat, take your time and enjoy the try ons.
  • If you are not sure what type of hat suits you, be open to try many kinds of hats.
  • If you buy a hat online make sure you know your measurement and hat type.

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